Meatballs Bourguignon with Stilton Centres

Meatballs Bourguignon with Stilton Centres


1. Combine the Beef with Verstegen Burger Mix Complete.

2. Divide into 50g Meatballs and stuff each ball with a cube of Verstegen Sliceable Stilton Sauce.

3. Combine Verstegen Burgundy Sauce with the Wine and Vegetables and place the Meatballs on top.

4. Garnish with Bay and Thyme.

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  • 1kg Mince Beef
  • 50g Verstegen Burger Mix Complete
  • 250g Verstegen Sliceable Stilton Sauce
  • 750g Verstegen Burgundy Sauce
  • 250ml Red Wine
  • 250g Diced Carrot, Onion, Bacon & Mushroom
  • Bay Leaf/Fresh Thyme
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