Spicy Beef & Tomato Cannelloni

Spicy beef and tomato cannelloni


(makes 5 ready meals)

1. Combine the minced beef, Verstegen Hamburger mix complete, grated cheddar and Verstegen chilli paste (sambal oelek).

2. Continue to fill 6 cannelloni tubes.

3. Spoon 200g of Verstegen Chimichurri Sauce into a foil tray.

4. Place the 6 stuffed cannelloni tubes onto the sauce.

5. Cover with 150g of Verstegen Gratin sauce.

6. Create a 3-cheese topping by covering the dish with mozzarella slices, grated cheddar and parmesan. Garnish with Decoration Blend France and 3 miniature red chillies.

7. Cook in a pre-heated, fan assisted oven at 150c for 40 minutes.

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