Mushroom, Spinach & Stilton Cannelloni

Mushroom, Spinach & Stilton Cannelloni


Makes 5 Ready Meals

1. Combine the cream cheese, thawed and drained spinach, stilton and Verstegen Season Pepper Wild Mushroom and fill a piping bag.

2. Continue to fill 6 Cannelloni tubes.

3. Spoon 200g of Verstegen Mushroom Sauce into a foil tray.

4. Place the 6 stuffed cannelloni tubes onto the sauce.

5. Cover with 150g of Verstegen Gratin Sauce.

6. Arrange sliced tomatoes on the cannelloni, sprinkle over the grated mozzarella and finish with Verstegen Schnitzel Mix Farmhouse.

7. Cook in a pre-heated, fan assisted oven at 150c for 40 minutes.

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