Middle Eastern Kofta Cannelloni

Middle Eastern Kofta Cannelloni


Makes 5 ready meals

1. Combine the minced lamb, Verstegen Hamburger mix complete, Verstegen Spicemix Del Mondo Medina, mint and feta.

2. Fill 6 cannelloni tubes with the combined mix.

3. Spoon 200g of Verstegen Italian herb and tomato sauce into a foil tray.

4. Place the 6 stuffed cannelloni tubes onto the sauce.

5. Cover with 150g of Verstegen Gratin sauce.

6. Garnish with grated cheddar cheese and Verstegen Spicemix Del Mondo Medina and finish with tomato on the vine garnish.

7. Cook in a pre-heated, fan assisted oven at 150c for 40 minutes.

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