New Year, New Sauces
Meet AVO’s tasty new trio!

Introduding – 3 Tasty New Sauces from AVO

Get ready to tantalize your customers’ taste buds with AVO’s latest trio of sauces: AVO Chilli Cheese Sauce, AVO Bolognese Sauce and AVO Creamy Peppercorn. Each one a delicious, versatile masterpiece, created to elevate your customers dining experience and add a burst of flavour to your counters.

AVO Chilli Cheese Sauce

A fiery fusion of spice and creaminess. It’s a perfect balance, where the heat of red chilli peppers meets the comforting richness of melted cheese. Try our recipes or drizzle it over nachos, use it as a dip, or layer it onto your favourite dishes for a spicy kick.

AVO Bolognese Sauce

This classic Italian sauce captures the essence of traditional Italian flavours with its blend of tomatoes and herbs. Pair it with pasta dishes or get creative with hot lunchtime meal offerings.

AVO Creamy Peppercorn Sauce

A velvety delight with whole peppercorns that add a delightful kick. Versatile and smooth, it’s a perfect complement to grilled meats or roasted vegetables, infusing every bite with a burst of flavour.

Elevate your ready meal ranges with these delicious new sauces.  For a limited time, save 20% when you buy 3 or more.

AVO Chilli Cheese Sauce
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