MRC Red Tubs Go Gluten-Free!

Gluten Free MRC Red TubsGreat news for all MRC Red Tubs fans! We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of new Spicy Chinese Glaze, and the exciting transition to Gluten-Free MRC Red Tubs!

This marks the beginning of an exciting journey toward offering gluten-free MRC Red Tubs, starting with the NEW Spicy Chinese Red Tub. And that’s just the beginning – in the New Year, we expect to be receiving 5 more Gluten Free Red Tubs – Chinese, Garden Mint, Hot & Spicy, Piri Piri and Oriental Salt & Pepper.

But the roll out doesn’t stop there! We’re expecting more MRC Red Tubs to go Gluten Free by Summer ’24.

Look forward to the same great products with fresh new opportunities!

Get started with the new Gluten Free MRC Red Tubs today by trying NEW Gluten-Free Spicy Chinese, in stock and ready for delivery NOW. To order, call our our team on 01707 328557. 

Get ready for more Gluten Free MRC Red Tubs – they’ll be along shortly!


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